East London Product Photography Studio Specialising in 360 Product Rotations

Want to put your products into the hands of you customers? You need a 360 product rotation. With a 360 product rotation, we take between 20 - 180 images to create stunning 360 product rotations - this really puts your products into the hands of your customers. It helps increase sales and also helps to reduce returns as what your customers see is what they get.

London based Experts at creating 360 Product Rotations for eCommerce

We have been creating 360 spins for years, leading the market with amazing 360 product rotations for our clients. With Amazon now supporting 360 product rotations along with most if not all the eCommerce platforms, there has never been a better time to add 360 product rotations to your eCommerce store.

Level up your e-commerce store by putting your products into the hands of your customers with a 360 spin. Get closer to that Bricks & Mortar in-hand feel. 360 spins boost sales and reduce expensive returns!

There are so many products that work well with 360 product rotations. Footwear, handbags, baseball caps, exercise stands, electronic goods, bikes, furniture and so much more.

We photographed this Indoor Bike Exercise Stand by Cadence every 10 degrees for a full 360 product rotation comprised of 36 images. You can zoom in and even see it full screen and larger.

Using the WEBROTATE plugin you can have multiple 360 rotations on the same page, all responsive and all different sizes as needed.

You can customise your skin, image resolution, number of images, direction of spin and a whole myriad of other options to tailor it to your e-commerce Store.

How to create 360 Product Rotations

Here in our East London product photography Studio we have been creating 360 product Rotations for a number of years. With the popularity of 360 product rotations due to the increased customer engagement and ultimately, higher sales and less returns, we have more and more of our clients that request 360 spin.

We know full well how important these 360 product rotations are, so we have invested in the market leading MODE360 360 Product Rotation solutions. We use a number of their 360 product rotation light boxes to create really quite beautiful and smooth 360 product rotations, all cutout on a white, transparent or customer colour background.

Creating 360 spins can be done manually, though for best results you need to use something like the MODE360 Jumbo or MODE360 Combo Product Photography Solutions.

Automating the product retouching to remove the background removal is key to making these affordable and accessible to our clients.

The MODE360 MODEVID solution allows you to control the 360 Lightbox turntable as well as automating much of the retouching and background removal.

What is a 360 Product Rotation?

A 360 product rotation is essentially a series of images that are played backwards or forwards a a 360 plugin. Some of the more clever plugins support multi-resolution images to reduce the load time of the initial 360 spin and allow you to zoom to see the product details. Most of the 360 product spin plugins you can get support the majority of the eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce etc. Amazon have their own 360 plugin which they selectively enable to be used, though there is not yet a global rollout for Amazon Sellers. Considering how much 360s can boost online sales on Amazon, we hope they will roll this 360 product rotation plugin out soon!

What do you need to create 360 product spins?

For proof of concept, a camera, tripod, cheap lighting and a manual turntable should suffice to get you going. You'll also need some good editing software and a 360 product rotation player. This will at least show you how well a 360 product rotation can look.

If you are considering adding many of these to your site, create 360 videos and gifs on a regular basis, you will ultimately have to invest in some hardware or engage a product photography studio specialising in 360 product rotations to shoot for you. Here at our East London Product Photography Studio, we use multiple solutions for 360 product rotations from one of the leading manufacturers of 360 Product Photography Turntables and Light boxes globally, MODE360.

Help with 360 Product Spins

The popularity of 360 spins is growing fast. It's easier than ever to integrate 360 spins with your eCommerce store - if you are using one of the common eCommerce platforms like Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce etc, it should be relatively easy to add 360- spins to your site.

We have added 360 spins manually with some javascript and in our new website, based on Wordpress, we simply use a plugin which removes much of the complexity. Whatever platform you are using, we can help.

Feel free to get in touch if you need some help and advice with your 360 product spins for your eCommerce store. We have years of expertise and all the right equipment at our East London Photography Studio. Pop by for a coffee and some advice!

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