Product Photography Studio

Looking for some premium eCommerce product photography? This is what we do.

We offer a premium product photography service to ensure your customers see your products at their best!

We're a Product Photography Studio based in East London, specialising in eCommerce Photography, Packshots, 360 Product Rotations, Flat Lay, Table Top, Invisible Mannequin, eCommerce video and more. We create beautiful product images that drive sales. We're a product photography studio specialising in Product Photos with white backgrounds, Packshots, 360° Spins, Flat Lay, Table Top, Invisible Mannequin, eCommerce video and more.

Need some eCommerce Product Photography?  This is what we do.

Product Photography - Packshots - Flat Lay - Table Top - Handbags - Footwear - Accessories - Invisible Mannequin - Social Media - 360 Product Spins - Still Life

Our clients like to send or drop off their products to our Product Photography Studio here in East London, which has onsite parking! We're easy to find, offer great service and high quality product photography images that help boost your eCommerce performance! You can ship your products to us, drop them off yourself (that onsite parking comes in handy!) or we can arrange collection and drop off from/to your premises.

We shoot fashion garments, from dresses, skirts, shirts, trousers, shorts, shoes, handbags, scarves, hankies, ties, socks, underwear (and any other fashion products you can think of) to non-fashion items such as electronic goods, Artwork, posters, jewellery, picture frames, electronic gadgets, sports equipment and more!

UK Product Photography Pricing

We work to ensure our product photography pricing is very competitive to ensure our East London product photography studio is accessible to all our clients. Take a look at our pricing page to see our product photography prices for images that are cutout, retouched - ready to put online. We provide product photography services to clients in and around London as well as the rest of the UK - all at market leading prices and quality.

Styled Flat Product Photography

Looking for a Product Photography Studio to photography flat lay packshots? We have shot thousands of flat lay products for our clients. We shoot in a style that best fits our clients. Our images can help you drive your online sales!

360 Product Spins

Want to put your products into the hands of you customers? You need a 360 product spin. With a 360 product spin, we take between 30 - 180 images to create stunning 360 product spins of your products - this really puts your products into the hands of your customers. It not helps increase sales, but it also helps to reduce returns!

Ghost Mannequin / Invisible Mannequin Product Photography

Our expert stylists based in our East London Product Photography studio can help you with your ghost mannequin/invisible mannequin photography packshot requirements, which we expertly retouch to show your garments true fit.

How to photograph clothes with Invisible Mannequin? Essentially for each shot, we photograph your products on our invisible mannequin twice, once, beautifully and expertly styled as we intend to show it in the final invisible mannequin product photo and a second time reversed. Our expert retouching team then edit the images together to create a beautiful invisible mannequin product photo ready for you to post online.

Get in touch now to see how Traffic Jam Studio, East London's best Product Photography Studio, can help drive your online sales. We come highly recommended by our existing clients:)

Footwear Product Photography and Footwear 360 Rotations

Looking for a product photography studio to create beautiful footwear packshots? If you are looking for some stunning footwear product photography, our team of highly experienced photographers and stylists are here to ensure we capture your footwear beautifully.

With customers choosing to purchase footwear online first, now is the time get your products online and into the hands of your customers. Traffic Jam Studio are experts at footwear product photography. Be sure to ask us about
footwear 360 spins too.

Handbags Product Photography and Handbags 360 Rotations

Looking for some handbag photography? Our highly experienced team are experts at photographing handbag packshots to make them look as beautiful in a photo as they do in real life.

Our product photography studio in East London is equipped to shoot handbags beautifully, helping you to enhance your online footprint and ultimately put your products into the hands of your customers.

Jewellery Photography

Looking to shoot some jewellery photography?

Show off your stunning jewellery with professional jewellery photography. Here at our East London Product Photography Studio we create beautiful jewellery images for our clients, helping them to increase their online sales.

With the shift to customers buying jewellery online first, it is important you have great imagery on your website to drive your sales.

Our studio. Your local.

Our eCommerce Photography Studio is in the heart of East London, minutes from Hackney Central. Our Product Photography studio is specifically equipped to shoot eCommerce Packshot Product Photography. We have a skilled team team that are experts at creating product photography packshots. We keep our product photography standards high and our prices competitive - having great product photography packshots needn't cost an arm and a leg!

When things are back to 'normal', feel free to pop in to our East London Product Photography Studio for a coffee and see what we do and more importantly, how we can help you. In the meantime, give us a shout on social media or by phone:)

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