MODE360º Automated Product Photography Solutions

MODE360º is a leading provider of automated product photography solutions globally. Traffic Jam Studio is the exclusive MODE360º UK and Ireland distributor and we use the MODE360º Automated Product Photography solutions in our East London Packshot Product Photography Studio.

MODE360° Jumbo FA90 V3

MODE360 JUMBO Version 3

The MODE360º Jumbo Compact Photography Studio is the ideal solution to automatically create stunning packshots of your products, either flat from above, or at an angle, to create beautiful 360º product spins.

The MODE360º Jumbo is the ultimate solution for product companies with a continual flow of new products who want to take control of their product photography in-house. Or maybe you're a photography studio wanting to offer your clients the latest in 360° product spins.

Taking great photos has never been this easy!

MODE360° Photo Composer

MODE360 JUMBO Version 3

The MODE360º FA40 Photo Composer is the essential solution to shoot your jewellery collection in-house! No need to send your expensive collection to outside studios - shoot in-house It's portable too, so ideal for photographers offering an onsite service to their clients.

Provided with the intuitive MODEVID software, you get to create automatically focus-stacked images, 360º videos and 360º products spins all at the touch of a button and all with the background automatically removed! Easy jewellery pack shots at the touch of a button!

MODESTYLE MS100 Flat Table

MODE360 Jumbo Version 3

The MODE360º MODESTYLE is a flat packshot table ideal for eCommerce houses or fashion labels.

Along with the intuitive MODEVID software, the MODESTYLE MS100 Flat Table enables you to take back control of your packshot photography in house. Simply press a button and the solution will not only photograph your product, but also automatically remove the background leaving it transparent, white or a custom colour of your choice.

Packshot photography has never been this simple and speedy - from table to eCommerce store in minutes!




The MODE360º Twister is a flexible 360º turntable ideal for shooting packshot photos for larger and/or heavier items and can even be used to shoot 360º spins of eCommence fashion Models.

It comes in multiple sizes with optional turntables from 54cm to 150cm and supports up to 100kg in weight.

Seamlessly integrated with the MODEVID software, our industry leading intuitive software developed exclusively for our MODE360º solutions. It has never been easier to shoot your heavier and/or larger products!

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