MODE 360

MODE360º MODESTYLE MS100 Automated Product Photography Solutions

MODE360º is a leading provider of automated product photography solutions globally. Traffic Jam Studio is the exclusive MODE360º UK and Ireland distributor and we use the MODE360º Automated Product Photography solutions in our East London Packshot Product Photography Studio.

MODESTYLE MS100 Flat Table

MODE360 JUMBO Version 3

MODE360 Jumbo Version 3

MODE STYLE is a light table created to photograph apparel, paintings and other flat objects. The solution provides automated background removal and camera/lighting profiles to ensure the correct lighting is used al all times, ensuring your products look as good as they should. All you need to do is the styling!

The solution provides everything you need to easily shoot your fashion packshots in house! The intuitive, easy to use MODEViD software has an easy learning curve, so you can have your staff up and running the same day! That 5 minute turnaround from shoot to eCommerce site is finally achievable!

Styled Flat Packshot Examples

My Image

My Image

My Image

My Image

Easy to Use

When you purchase the MODESTYLE MS100 from us, you get free training on the intuitive MODEViD Software. You do not need to be a photographer when using our MODESTLYE MS100 packshot solution, the MODEViD software has pre-configured templates that configure the camera and the lighting for you - all you need to do it style your item to make it look great!

As well as free training, you also get 3 years warranty and free lifetime technical support!

Call 020 8985 7469 or drop us an e-mail at to book your demo now!

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