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MODE360º TWISTER Automated Product Photography Solutions

MODE360º is a leading provider of automated product photography solutions globally. Traffic Jam Studio is the exclusive MODE360º UK and Ireland distributor and we use the MODE360º Automated Product Photography solutions in our East London Packshot Product Photography Studio.


MODE360  Twister

MODE360 Twister

MODE360° Twister is a 360º turntable, with a diameter between 54-150 CM. Ideal for use with larger objects, such as Prams, Buggies, Bicycles, Luggage and more. You can also use it with a live model to create 360º model spins for fashion eCommence. It's the perfect tool for the automotive parts industry too, supporting products up to 100 kg in weight.

Using the intuitive MODEViD software to control Twister's rotating platform, you can easily shoot the images you need to create stunning 360º spins, ready in minutes to upload to your eCommerce site.

The Twister comes with free training, 3 years warranty and lifetime technical support!

MODE360º Twister Examples

My Image

My Image

My Image

My Image

Call 020 8985 7469 or drop us an e-mail at to book your demo now!

Call 020 8985 7469 or drop us an e-mail at to book demo session now!

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