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Product Photography Price List for Packshots - Flat Lay - Table Top - Handbags - Footwear - Accessories - Invisible Mannequin - Social Media - 360° Product Rotations - Still Life and more

Our Product Photography Studio is based in East London. Our clients send or drop off products to our Studio or we can even arrange collection and returns to your premises. We then shoot the products according to the brief, expertly edit the images and return the products and images, usually within 3-5 working days.

Our pricing is below, but please feel free to call for a tailored quote.
A PACKSHOT PHOTO OF ashley williams hair pin angel energy shot by traffic jam studio
Though we have tried to list the most common requests for Product Photography Pricing, the price list is not exhaustive so please do get in touch if you cannot find your particular item below.

Our product photography turnaround times at our East London Product Photography Studio are typically within 3-5 working days, excluding the day of arrival if after 12:00 PM. We also offer a 24 hours service for an additional fee of 50%.

All our prices are exclusive of VAT.


Flat Lay Packshots (cutout on white background):
  • Flat Lay Packshot deal (front/back plus two details) - £22
  • Additional Flat Lay shots £6 each
  • Single Flat Lay image £12
On Hanger (cutout on white background, hanger removed):
  • On Hanger Packshot deal (front/back plus two details) - £24
  • Additional Flat Lay shots £8 each
  • Single On Hanger image £14
Table Top Packshots (cutout on white background):
  • Table Top Packshot price (3 images) £30
  • Additional Table Top Packshot Shots £11 each
  • Single Table Top Packshot image £14
Footwear Packshots (cutout on white background):
  • Footwear Packshot price (3 images) £30
  • Additional Footwear Packshot Shots £11 each
  • Single Footwear Packshot image £14
Handbag Packshots (cutout on white background):
  • Handbag Packshot price (3 images) £30
  • Additional Handbag Packshot Shots £11 each
  • Single Handbag Packshot image £14
Invisible Mannequin Packshots (cutout on white background):
  • Invisible Mannequin Packshot deal (front/back plus one to two details) - £26
  • Invisible Mannequin extra shot £9
  • single image Invisible Mannequin image - £14
Invisible Mannequin Swimwear Packshots (cutout on white background):
  • Invisible Mannequin Swimwear Packshot deal (front/back plus one to two details) - £30
  • Invisible Mannequin extra shot £11
  • single image Invisible Mannequin Swimwear image - £16
Scarves and Underwear Packshots (cutout on white background):
  • Scarves Packshot deal (two main shots plus one detail) - £28
  • Additional Scarves Packshot shots £10
  • Single Scarves Packshot image £14
Stop Mop Motion Video Animation
  • From £5 per frame
  • £25 creation fee per stop motion

Or Call 020 8985 7469

Jewellery Photography (cutout on white background):
  • Single Jewellery Packshot image £17.50 (angled)
  • Single Jewellery Packshot image £17.50 (flat)
  • High end from £25 per shot
Artwork Photography (16 bit tiff files or format of your choice provided):
  • Art Photography less than 1m20 £50
  • Art Photography greater than 1m20 < 3m - £75
  • Art Photography greater than 3m < 4m £100
  • Art Photography greater than 4m (quote on request)
Rugs Photography - min shoot fee £200:
  • Rugs Photography less than 4m £60 (main image plus 2 details)
  • Rugs Photography greater than 4m < 6m £80 (main image plus 2 details)
  • Rugs Photography greater than 6m £100
Gift Boxes and Hampers:
  • £25 per image min (based on up to 8 items per gift box
  • £50 per hamper (based on up to 12 items per hamper)
  • Each additional item 10% extra
  • £10 per image

photo composer focus stacked image

Like what you see? This 360° handbag product rotation consisting of 180 images, all cutout on white background, was shot using our specialist 360 product rotation hardware.
360° Product Spins (cutout on white background):
  • Automated up to 60cm high
  • 30 images £35
  • 60 images £45
  • 120 images £70
  • 180 images £120
Manual cutout product spins up to 200cm high and wide:
  • 30 images £80
  • 60 images £120
  • 120 images £220
  • 180 images £340
360 Handbag Spins - Suspended up to 60cm high:
  • 30 images handbag spins £45
  • 60 images handbag spins £55
  • 120 images handbag spins £80
  • 180 images handbag spins £105
Automated Bottle Packshots and 360 Bottle Spins:
  • 30 images £25
  • 60 images £35
  • 120 images £55
  • 180 images £85
  • front and back pack shot - £20
High-End Cosmetics and Perfume Bottles:
  • Front and Back Packshots £50
  • Additional Image £25
  • Single Image £25

MODE360 Automated product Photography Solutions: Pricing
We are the UK distributor for MODE360, the leading provider of Automated Product Photography Solutions.

All prices exclude VAT, delivery, installation, laptop and camera.
MODESTYLE MS100 FLAT LAY Packshot Table Pricing:
  • £14,800 ex VAT,Installation and Delivery
Jumbo 360° Compact Photography Studio Pricing:
  • MODE360 Jumbo - £11,000
  • MODE360 Jumbo Natural Shadow Kit - £750
  • MODE360 Jumbo Multi Camera Arm - £2,150
Combo 360° Compact Photography Studio Pricing:
  • £8,600 ex VAT, Installation and delivery
Photo Composer Jewellery Photography:
  • £4,800 ex VAT, Installation and delivery

eCommerce Model Shoots

We shoot eCommerce Model Shoots. Price include studio hire, all equipment, backdrops plus photographer. Options for models, makeup, assistant and stylists on request.

  • Half day (4 hours) - £500
  • Full Day (8 hours) - £800
  • Extra Hour - £100

eCommerce product Video Costs

We shoot e-commerce products videos - rotating or panning, from £50 per clip - minimum shoot fee £350

  • From £50 per panning or rotation clip
  • Tittles, annotations from £10 per clip
  • Sound tracks - quote on request

Image Editing Services

We offer e-commerce image editing services from £3 per image.

  • Garment reshaping
  • Product cutouts (clipping paths)
  • Hair masks
  • Blemish removal
  • Colour change

Minimum shoot fee £150 ex VAT

For 50 items or more, get in touch for a tailored quote.

Additional file formats available at the time of shooting/editing for £1per image. £2 per image if requested at a later date - min fee £30.

Prices are for single items. We charge an additional 25% per item added to the same shot.

Drop shadows £1.5 per image.

Colour change: £5 per image. Product retouching (non-minor repairs/changes) £5 per image.

We keep a copy of all files on our servers for 3 months. Whilst we try our best to store client products, we can only hold onto them for 3 months, after which we will dispose of them at our convenience, unless agreed in writing with our clients.

Machine Rental Extras:

Junior Photographer Assistant: £20 per hour
Senior Photographer Assistant: £50 per hour

We understand that sometimes products need a little retouching or colour correction. If so, we can provide this service too, for a charge of £10 for colour correction (can be applied globally to multiple images for 360 shoots for same cost), £5 for minor defect editing per image.

Or Call 020 8985 7469

photo composer focus stacked image

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