360º Product Photography Studio

We have an amazing automated product photography 360º compact studio setup and ready to go! Rent by the hour, half day and day.

Free training provided for your first session and we're always around to offer a helping hand and advice when needed.

All you need to do is style your items - our automated product photography studio is automatic. No photography skills needed!

You can shoot items up to 70cm high and 60 wide - our solution will shoot, remove the background, crop and get it ready for your eCommerce platform in around 10 seconds or less!

Create stunning 360º product spins all at the touch of a button!

Shoot 100+ products in 8 hours for just £500!

Hourly: £75
Book of 10 hours: £550
Full Day: £500

Or Call 020 8985 7469

360° Footwear

Footwear is a great example of what can be shot in 360° with the MODE360° Jumbo and so are many other products. Add 360° spins of your products and put them in the hands of your customers now!

If you want to style and create your own 360° product spins you can come to our East London photography studio and rent a MODE360° Jumbo by the hour, half day and full day! We'll even be around to help out with any questions you might have.

Or Call 020 8985 7469

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