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Internet sales grow 10% as the percentage of total retail sales (ratio) hits 18% in 2018

That's around £1 in every £5 spent in UK retail spent online! 2018 saw another bumper growth year for Clicks Vs Bricks, with internet sales reaching 18% of total retail sales in the UK, continuing double-digit growth. We have all read how the high street is suffering, withalmost 2,500 shops lost from top 500 UK high streets in 2018. If you have not already, now is the time for you to act to ensure that you not only avoid being a casualty of the move to Clicks vs Bricks, but you ride the wave and grow your business!

In the digital age and the move to Online, a great way for you to increase sales, drive revenue growth and reduce returns is to put your products into the hands of your clients, so they can touch and feel your products virtually.

With the continued move to Online plus Amazon, along with all the other retail platforms such as Shopify and Magento, now supporting 360º products spins, you can no longer wait to get onboard. If you don't your competitors will leave you behind with the rest of the high street.

Trust the Experts or Shoot In-house

360º product spins are more accessible than ever before - with the technology now improving to automate the process, you can get your products shot at equivalent prices to what you pay for standard pack shots. All cutout and size ready - just waiting to be uploaded to your site. The technology has moved on so much, you do not even need to be a photographer to shoot your own. MODE360º are specialists in Automated Product Photography hardware. Traffic Jam Product Photography Studio use the class-leading MODE360º Jumbo solution to provide 360º product spins to their clients Alternatively you can even buy the solution from them to start shooting in-house, long with the installation, training and consultancy needed get your team up and running quick enough for you to have the interns shoot the next season!

Traffic Jam Product Photography Studio

We're specialists in E-Commerce products Photography, including 360º Spins, Packshots and Still Life. If you have questions about how to offer your clients online as well as bricks and mortar retails sales, get in touch for a consultation and review of where you are and where you need to be.

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