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A common request we get from our clients is to create images with all white backgrounds. For us this is what we do, create beautiful packshot images with all pure white backgrounds. But it does not stop there, we also produce images with transparent backgrounds and custom colour backgrounds too. Quote often we are asked to create an image with a pure white background to use for magazines, Instagram and other social platforms, but add a custom colour for the eCommerce website. Not a problem for us:)

Below you can find some great examples of images with pure white background:

And here you can see where we have first created a packshot with a pure white background and then changed that background to a custom colour:

If you need some all white background product photography/packshot images or if you'd like some with your own custom colour or transparent background, then get in touch! We'd love to hear about your project and have a chat about how we can help.


We are absolutely loving all the AW19 collections hitting the stores, physical and online! We get quite a privileged view of the collections as we get to see them before they hit the stores. Often we cannot share what we have done for 6 months or more!

we'll post more soon!!

10% Discount for fellow members of the National Association of Jewellers

We're proud member of the NAJ and to celebrate we're offering all members of the NAJ a 10% discount off not only the photography services we offer here at our Product Photography Studio, but also off the entire range of MODE360° automated photography solutions, like the market leading MODE360° Photo Composer - a saving of £450 - that's the Photo Composer Premium for just £4,050! If you're not already a member it is worth joining for the discount alone!

All of these images were shot using the MODE360° Photo Composer - get in touch now to find out more and book your demo.

360° Footwear Gifs vs Interactive 360° Footwear Spins

We've been busy these last few days creating 360° Footwear spins. Using the MODEVIEW software we are able to create in seconds 360° gifs and videos too! Great for blogs like this:) Of course the key difference between a 360° Footwear Spin and a 360° Footwear gif is the gif is not interactive.

Here is the 360° gif, which looks great and works well to show off the shoes. Try to change that rotation though or zoom in and you will be disappointed. Also we're looking at just 128-256 colours supported too.

Shoe the Bear Bex Boot Black

Now below you can try out the interactive 360° Footwear Spin. You can literally use your mouse or finger to rotate it left and right. G0 ahead, give it a whirl! You will also notice the colours are much better, as these are 36 JPG or PNG Images, supporting standard SRGB colour.

We're specialists in E-Commerce Product Photography, including 360º Spins, Packshots and Still Life. If you have questions about how to offer your clients great online content, get in touch.


With the continued growth of Clicks vs Bricks, it is more important than ever to have the right imagery online. We offer footwear packshot deals from £20 for 4 images with no minimum quantities. Alternatively or as well as, we also offer fully automated 360° footwear spins made up of 36 images - again, from as little as £20 - that's just 55 pence per image cutout and size ready!

Use your fingers or mouse to rotate the shoes left or right - click here to see many more examples.

What you choose is really down to you. Many of our clients like to have a custom colour background, the examples we have used in this blog post is a light grey. For the packshot images we chose to retain the natural shadows. For the 360° product spins we have the same grey with no natural shadows retained, resulting in a beautifully clean 360° spin of the shoes. We can even shoot these with the transparent background retained. These 360° product spins really do put your footwear into the hands of your customers - vital if you are going to sell these online.

Some more footwear packshot images we shot for one of our clients.

If you'd like to have a chat about your footwear packshot requirements, feel free to get in touch.

We're specialists in E-Commerce products Photography, including 360º Spins, Packshots and Still Life. If you have questions about how to offer your clients online as well as bricks and mortar retails sales, get in touch for a consultation and review of where you are and where you need to be.

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