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Many of our clients sell products on Amazon. Being such a large eCommerce platform, it is important to use professional Amazon product photography so your products stand out from the crowd.

Amazon Product Photography Examples and Amazon Product Photography Guide

We added a new Amazon Product Photography page to highlight the great images we have take for a range of our clients. We are often asked about the Amazon Product Photography image requirements so we thought we'd share some of our knowledge with you. On our Amazon Product Photography page, we have added some useful guidelines you can refer to when creating your Amazon Product Photography Images. 

Contact us if you need some help and advice for your Amazon Product Photography Images and Videos. Here at our London Product Photography Studio we have years of experience in eCommerce Product Photography.

Footwear Photography

Though we are mid way through a total website redesign and build, we've made the time to add a new page to showcase some of the great footwear we have photographed for our clients. 

Footwear Photography 

Essential Marketing: How Product Photography Boosts Brands and Sales

All businesses know that they need visuals to attract and engage buyers. But what about product photography? If you own an eCommerce store, product photography is essential to the success of your store.

Product photography provides a representation of the product you’re selling to the buyer. Since the buyer isn’t in a store looking at the physical product, excellent photography will accurately represent the product.

Because of this, product photography can boost your brand and sales. Here’s the secret behind amazing product photography and how it can be an effective tool for your eCommerce business.

How Product Photography Improves Sales

Product photography can influence your product sales, whether buyers are shopping on your website or another source. There’s lots of competition out there, and your buyers are easily influenced by the quality of visuals you use.

Here are a few reasons why product photography can increase your sales.


Impressive imagery leaves a lasting impact on the viewer, whether or not it’s used in a commerce setting. But when buyers are shopping, images alone can be a huge factor in their buying decision.

Your buyers will remember a great image. This alone will help set your brand apart from competitors. This is especially true for fashion brands, where your images can inspire an outfit or even a fashion trend.

What’s the best way to ensure your images make a lasting impression? Hire a professional product photographer. They can display your product in the best way, capturing all of the details and other captivating aspects.

Increases Website Traffic

While search engine optimisation (SEO) has largely been influenced by written content, visual mediums are starting to influence search engine bots.

Visual content improves your SEO for many reasons. More people process information easier when looking at a visual, so search engines give more leverage to websites that optimise their website for visuals.

In addition, buyers will spend more time on your website. If you offer multiple product photos for each listing, your buyers will flip through the pictures. By looking at each individual picture, buyers will increase the time spent on your website.


There’s a difference in quality when hiring a professional versus taking product pictures DIY. High-quality images convey professionalism, which develops trust. This is especially key if you attracted a new buyer and they’re not yet familiar with your company.

Improves Your Online Store

Great web design is essential to the success of your eCommerce store. Surprisingly, you may be able to achieve this with great product photography. When you display high-quality photos throughout your store, they add to the aesthetic of your website.

Makes Your Product Look More Realistic

One of the issues with online shopping is the product you see online may not be the product you receive. That’s because low-quality images may not accurately represent your product.

Professional product photographers will not only make your products look great but will make them look realistic. This is especially important with products that are small, such as accessories. Because of this, fewer customers will be returning your products.


Every brand has a specific theme and personality. In order to effectively market your brand, tapping into your branding will make your efforts more memorable.

A professional photographer will also take your branding into consideration. This can include using a specific colour scheme or tweaking certain details during the editing process. Branded product photos will make your images look unique and your buyers will remember your photos.

Product photographers can also use certain themes so your products appeal better to your audience. Let's say you sell footwear. The model can be standing in different areas, accentuating your shoes. Examples include urban, classical, trendy, modern, and traditional.


While the process of taking photos is important, some real magic also happens during the editing process. From fixing the lighting, reshaping the garments to defining the photos, professional editing will make your products look better and more realistic. This is important for all products if you want your customers to see just how great your products look online as they do in real life.

How to Find the Best Product Photographer

Now that you understand why product photography can improve your sales and brand, it’s time to find a professional product photographer to take your listings to the next level. But with so many product photographers out there, how do you find the best one?

Request Multiple Variations or 360

One of the benefits of looking at a product in-store is customers can pick up the physical product and take a look at every angle and detail. Buyers don’t have this luxury when shopping online. But you can improve their experience by providing multiple product photos with different views.

This is especially important if you often feature your products in different sizes, colours, etc. It can be frustrating if your customer wants a product in a different variation than what the website shows, but there’s no picture available to see what that variant looks like.

Many photographers use multiple product photography as well as certain styles such as packshots, where multiple product variations are displayed together.

More product photographers are also specialising in 360 product photography. 360 product photography offers a spin-like effect so buyers view the product at every angle. This is as close to putting the products into the hands of your customers as you are going to get.

Their Photos Are Clear and Detailed

When looking at a photographer’s portfolio, you’ll want to specifically look for defined photos that emphasise detail. If products are low-quality, customers may not buy your products or will return them if they aren’t realistically represented.

Find the Best Product Photography Today

Product photography is essential for all eCommerce businesses, but professional product photography will make the biggest difference. That’s why all eCommerce brands need to find the best professional in the business.

We offer many benefits for all product based companies both companies that create and companies that sell. Our photography solutions ensure we display your products to fit your target audience. All you have to do is drop/ship your products to our location and you’ll receive your pictures within three to five days.

Our services include invisible mannequin, flat lay, table top, jewellery and even 360 product photography. Contact us for your individualised quote today.

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